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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Intelligent Software - "you probably want"

Right, i finally managed to get 40 MB of my mobile phone - pics and videos. That's great, but you know what - it was only by chance i found the software. Prior to that i was doing it individually and it was taking forever, so i never got them off. I had a USB bluetooth adapter and a phone - no instructions (was from a friend). I would send my pic from the phone to the PC individually as i has no idea what software was available for the device. In actyual fact, some free software from Beklin allows you to copy things across like Windows Explorer, so i left it copying and within 30 mins it was all done. I wish i had the time to go look for all the software that may be useful for my devices but to be honest i barely have the time to keep on top of the drivers, never mind software on top of those.

My next point. All of these things know who they are. It knows it is a Beklin USB v2 Bluetooth adapter, so WHY not just suggest the software i should have? Windows has a "Use Web Service" when it finds an unrecognized file type, but when you install a device, i'd like it to say, ok, this device has given me this URL to get data about it. That is ALL YOU NEED. A URL from the device, simple in comparison to the host of other data they exchange. Then it can go to the site and as much info as desired can be given to the user. It would make my life much easier as at the moment i am having to use a CD that stores all of the software i have "discovered" for my laptop and PC's over the last 4 years. Sure, my favourites should be used, but surely software such as this is inherently a favourite of mine as it makes my devices work better for me.

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