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Sunday, April 30, 2006


The largest stadium in the world

I was pointed to this by Baris Karadogan at ComVentures.

You choose your seat in the stadium, select your strip and the supporters you want to sit next to. It's a social network idea around the World Cup. it's a neat idea, but like many social networking sites, lack an "action" - something that will actually get you networking (kinda like how do you actually *get started* using linked in?). Maybe they should have a few things to get people talking, like game predictions, half time penalty shoot outs and so on.

But still, for those us us not going (i'm from Scotland and we're letting everyone else have a chance just now) it's a neat idea and if they can give me a reason to go back to it during the WC, i probably would.

Still, it made me hate captcha even more. Use this for petes sake. It's free! I promise.

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