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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Pando - simple P2P file sharing

I'm playing around with Pando today after i caught the CNN Money story.

Now this does address a need - from personal experience. P2P has traditionally focused on just getting files to you, but the real power is in the application of the technology.

Now, Panda allows you to send a large file to friends via email, but the email contains a link to the sender. Click the link and the download happens direct from the sender - no limitations (other than your broadband connection). It's real easy and does solve the issue that most users have no idea how to use software, so the easier you make it, the more likely the masses are to use it.... and Pando is pretty easy!

What would be nice would be to do this from mobile devices too. Not sure how it would work, but sending video via phone can be tricky - this may be a nice solution.

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