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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Resume Fun

I just updated my resume to send to Wallup.

Whilst doing it i realized just how crap it sounds - it isn't easy to put down half the stuff you have done as an entrepreneur. You have the feeling you should just add "big company INC" or "My Huge Company Corp." to the list, but then for a start-up this make no real sense. The big guys are usually the last guys, you need people who think differently. My time in large enterprises taught me that (and amazed by just high up you can go in a company with no real idea on what's happening in the future world).

So this is a conundrum - how do you create a good CV when all you have is what you have worked on? If the leading edge stuff is what you do then saying you have worked for company X, Y, Z where you did the day to day stuff, the stuff to keep the cash coming in the door, just doesn't strike a balance for me.

In saying that i read about 50 CV's in my last place and they all looked the same. The best way to do these things is just to get to know the person IMHO!

I haven't applied for a job for about 3 years now ( i personally knew or was referred for my other positions), but these guys sound interesting, it's what i have been doing and they're located in a good place. Always good to do it yourself, but when you work with great guys you learn a lot and that's what i'm going for! There are always good ideas you just need to know how to find them!

btw, i've started adding some things to http://vidyo.TV - feel free to add your own vlogs.

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