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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Search is dead?

Steve Gillmor says "Search is Dead" :
"Search is dead. The amount of viewing/listening time is finite. It's not about
finding stuff; it's about throwing stuff away."

While the "time is finite" part is spot on, there is no way search is dead.

You can only throw content away once you know what it is. It's like SPAM - i don't want to have to read everything just to know what to throw away and then run out of time, missing some good stuff in the long tail. If you attempt to stream the web you will fail, there's just too much (takes Google a month to index it all) - the best way is through context based selection and this only works if you have parameters to search on.

I've got 760 blog posts to read - i won't read them all obviously, but the time just to scan them is significant and it's only a very small part of the things i'm probably interested in.

On Hollywood has been good - i liked click.tv!

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