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Saturday, July 01, 2006


First Contact

This is my first week with contact lenses. I really thought sticking my finger in my eye would be an issue, but it turns out i have no problem whatsoever doing it. They have made an amazing difference and although i still wear my glasses sometimes, i'd more often choose contacts.

I did have an interview for a contract this week (which i got) and prior to it i had been getting training in putting them in and out. My eyes were quite sore and to be honest i must have looked like i was partying 'til the early hours (i wasn't!).

It was great to be able to come in from the rain (oh, it was reaning yesterday here in Glasgow, but that's like telling you the Atlantic has water in it ...) and watch the football without glasses. Even travelling home on the train i noticed much more (your view width is much with contacts too).

So if you're in the position i was and thinking that you couldn't put things in your eyes, just give the one day soft disposible contacts a go - it's definitely worth a try!

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