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Saturday, July 01, 2006


Microsoft - don't use popups when shopping!!

I was quite surprised that the folks at MSDN never noticed the problem with their final stage of purchasing.

Basically (and i'm using IE 7, but could be most browsers) you get a final confirmation and a message during the processing says "please don't re-submit" - i guess you may get charged twice. So, all is well and my order details are finalized - i think.

You see the problem is that at the very end it pops up a new browser window - and, as you may have guessed, most software now stops popups, typically asking if you want to see it. Well, of course i do... but, that will repost the page. So i can't view what may be important information bacause the page will be resubmitted and i have been explicitly told not to do that.

I only hope it was nothing important, but some real world testing would flag this almost immediately i suspect!

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