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Thursday, August 24, 2006


net id me

Came accross NetIDMe, an idetity system coming out of Scotland. It is something i have spent a faily hefty amount of time thinking about, so good to see that there is innovation in this area here in Scotland (which pretty much gives it my stamp of approval, so get signed up!).

As a (new) father these things are pretty important to me and whether their system is quite the right way to do it is something that will be determined in the future, but it is certainly needed. Here's some blurb ...

"Net-ID-me is the first Internet Age and Identity Verification System that validates the identities of individuals of all ages. A Net-ID is a secure electronic identity card that displays only your first name, age, gender, and general location and is used to verify who you are chatting with online."

Soem info about the founder.

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