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Thursday, August 24, 2006


XLinq/XmlDocument Samples

Here are some samples (based on Microsoft's XLinq document samples) that demo some things and compare them with a simialr technique using Xml Document. Download here. NOTE : Uncomment the line "<!--<xsl:copy-of select="">-->" near the end - did this in testing and the code is already deployed.

I'd be interested in how you find the last sample demonstrating using linq and xslt. After trying it out, i find linq really neat and powerful for transorming things that won't change. Embedded Xslt just looks horrible.... but then i typically out Xslt's in a library or resource file, external to the code.

In the case where you can take your transforms and put them outside of your code, i prefer Xslt. I just find the template approach much more flexible than any dynamic selection technique.

The second samples, looking at namespaces leave me with some confusion. I understand namespaces so i like to have a lot of control over them, but then i know other don't. The question is whether the XLinq technique is really an improvement - i'll have a think.

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