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Thursday, November 30, 2006


SUSE Linux 10.1

So this is my first post from my new SUSE Linux 10.1 installation, running in VMWare on Windows XP Pro. I was tempted to dual boot, but after the hassles of the last week (and to make backing up easy) i went for the virtual option.

I want to get Mono and the Mono IDE on it now. If i can develop on C# and it works, then i'll be very happy indeed. Long, long time since i played with Mono!

It's a very nice OS and i only wish it had a "Safe Mode" as i screwed up my display and had a bit of a nightmare figuring out command line options to revert it. I did - eventually.

I am tempted to go with Apache rather than XPS on Mono (XPS kept breaking in my tests in the Windows install), but i'll maybe start with XPS.

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